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Cloud Trends To Look Out in 2022

Cloud-based solutions will continue to grow in 2022 as revenue from cloud solutions will hit new milestones and a chain of key emerging trends will become increasingly important.

For many years, the cloud was considered as ‘the next big thing’ that would transform the operations of businesses. In 2021, talk turned into action. The pandemic forced all industries to embrace the cloud. To support new ways of working and build flexibility for the future, each business accelerated its cloud journey.

According to the report prediction of Gartner’s Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022, by 2025, cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for over 95% of new digital initiatives, which in 2021 are less than 40%.

There is a fast-growing need for SaaS platforms and SaaS will contribute to the maximum growth of Cloud in 2022. This will propel the growth of SMBs and startups. In 2022, cloud usage will undoubtedly grow and we will observe various cloud trends.

Let’s dig in!

Top 5 Cloud Trends in 2022

Top 5 Cloud Trends in 2022

Increased Focus on Cloud Security

In 2022, Investment in security will continue to grow. The reason for this is the changing of thinking to automate most of the security operations from Orchestration, Automation, and Response. Cloud offers security tools and systems making it affordable and easy to use for businesses of all sizes. The motive force for this is the Cloud providers’ investment in security and the economics of scale.

With more critical workloads and sensitive data migrating to the cloud, business leaders will continue to ask the question “How can I best protect my data?” In 2022, the answer will likely involve being more strategic about how cloud environments are built and workloads migrated.

H8 Cloud Solution is highly secured and safeguards your sensitive business data.

Modernization Of Application and Database

Cloud service providers are committed to innovating their platforms with new out-of-the-box tools and services that make it easier for businesses to scale and revolve. In 2022, we can expect significant advances in many areas of cloud computing technology.

To take full advantage of cloud innovations it is necessary to presuppose that an IT environment is ready to handle the demands imposed by new technology. Today’s reality is that most organizations would prefer to jump ahead to the point where they can immediately play with these new tools. But, according to us, the majority of companies will realize that their instant focus should be on establishing a solid cloud foundation and modernizing their infrastructure.

Seizing the edge opportunity

Cloud and edge computing are merging. According to the Gartner Study, by 2024, most cloud service platforms will facilitate at least a few distributed cloud services that execute at the edge. We’ve already started to see more experiments of this – for instance, edge computing paired with a public cloud as well as edge computing paired with a hybrid cloud.

The ultimate goal of this is to bring data storage, processing, and analytics closer to the customers for better privacy, security, speed, and efficiency.


While most of the organizations are looking to modernize their legacy application, a lot of them are looking towards SaaS applications that are modern and can replace some of the legacy applications. The Startups and the small businesses today with the pace of growth have to keep up with are replacing most of the services with SaaS and SaaS-ification has become the mantra for a lot of small businesses that want to highly focus on their technology are going for fully managed data services that are offered as SaaS.

Seamless and Serverless

Now, Cloud providers are offering serverless models to solve various cloud problems like speed, cost control, and server management. But, what’s the difference?

In an on-premises deployment, developers write a code, provision a physical server or virtual machine, then prep that environment – all before they can run the code. There are often problems with latency, and expenses add up because the code runs continuously.

These problems can be solved with a serverless approach, developers encapsulate all that code and, when triggered, cloud providers execute it automatically. Developers can deploy and scale services rapidly, without having to provision or manage more servers. Moreover, the pay-as-you-go model means businesses don’t pay for more storage and computing power than needed.

Summing Up

In the year 2022, we will observe various Cloud trends that will help to drive new revenue opportunities and increase subscriber’s growth.

H8 Cloud Solution will help you to follow all the new trends along with assuring high security.

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