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Triple Play Service

In this digital world, most of our lives are dependent on the internet. It is necessary for service providers to provide reliable service and a one-stop solution. With ever-increasing competition in service providers, one such service that service providers can provide is Triple Play Service.

With the popularity of Next Generation Network (NGN), the delivery of Triple-Play & OTT Services via IP network is one of the most suitable and cost-effective choices for service providers and operators.

Voice, video, and data all are provided in a single access subscription in the Triple play service. The most common applications are high-speed Broadband, IPTV, and VOIP. All these services are provided through the transmission mediums fibre, conventional copper, or satellite.

Customer relationship management (CRM) plays a key role in the success of the triple-play service. Home users who subscribe to triple-play services enjoy the fact that they have to pay only one bill each month and can deal with a single entity to resolve problems with their telephone, TV & Internet connections.

Triple play module

FTTH Triple Play Service Configuration:

Case 1 – How to deploy Internet Service:

In this case, FTTH solution devices will deliver high bandwidth data internet services via using the optical network. This “internet” configuration allows you to configure WAN connections via different modes: DHCP, PPPoE, or Static IP.

Triple play service

Case 2 – How to deploy VOIP Service:

Fibre Optical Terminal (FOT) and Passive Optical Network (PON) solution support full SIP protocol for VoIP Phone service. This VOIP configuration allows you to configure high-quality VoIP service via the FTTH PON EMS web management system.

Triple play service

Case 3 – How to deploy IPTV Service:

IPTV offers the ability to stream the media in smaller batches, directly from the source. As a result, a client media player can begin playing the data (such as a movie) before the entire file has been transmitted. This is known as streaming media.

Here are the elements of Triple play:

1) Television – Television or IPTV includes watching your favorite television shows and channels on satellite TV without physically installing a dish or cable connection.

2) Internet – The Internet includes cabled and wireless broadband access to the web. Accessing the online world without any hesitation.

3) Telephone – Telephone includes high definition calls with low latency without interruption.

Triple play service

Operators Providing Triple Play Plans

Reliance Jio’s JioFiber is the most notable name in this segment when it comes to Triple Play plans. Since the LCOs and the MSOs enjoy very prominent last-mile connectivity, they are better positioned to offer a Triple Play plan.

As a result, some operators like Tata, Airtel, and BSNL are also offering Triple Play plans. The subscribers of these cable TV companies can reach out to them to get a bundled offering wherein, they get all the three services – fully loaded IPTV, high-speed Broadband, and smart VOIP in a single package. Some other service providers are also live with their own Triple Play Plans.

The Reliance Jio’s Triple play plans start from ₹600/month which includes 100GB data with 100mbps broadband, voice calling service, home TV subscription, and access to Jio’s suites of apps whereas Airtel’s Triple play plans start from ₹999/month which includes 135 channels including 256 kbps broadband speed with unlimited download and a landline connection.

The ever-increasing demand for high-speed broadband, IPTV, and VOIP has given a rise to the demand for Triple Play Service in a big way.

Service providers have identified the need for a bundle pack which will be the combination of all the three important services. This amalgamation idea has led to the emergence of a triple-play service.

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