Reimagining the internet for the future
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Reimagining The Future Of Internet

The 2020 pandemic made the whole world realize the importance of the Internet. Office meetings were replaced by video conferencing, schools were shifted towards online lectures, all these became possible online because of the Internet. We can’t even imagine our daily lives without the internet.

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Benefit Of Internet

The Internet has made our lives so easy. It becomes an integral part of our lives. At one sudden night, when the government announced a lockdown, the Internet seemed to turn to necessity from luxury. Online traffic increased by 25% to 45% across the world. Cloud-based technology suddenly became very real and foremost important. At the time of the pandemic, digitalization rates accelerated so rapidly. In the whole world, 88% of enterprises encouraged employees to work remotely. This would not be possible without the internet and cloud-based technology.

Downside Of Internet

The only downside is that many people are connected to the internet because of lack of resources. As more devices connect, more entities go virtual, and more services move their steps towards online, the digital divide widens. Today, an Internet connection is affordable in only 29 countries. Everyone has to work together to close this digital divide.

Breakdown Of Current Internet Economics

In today’s world, economics mainly determines who has access to connectivity. Large investments are made where there is a dense population. Because of which rural areas are suffering and falling behind.

Communication service providers and Internet service providers are struggling for profitability. Online traffic is continuously growing at 35% every year. To manage the network it costs nearly 5 dollars for every dollar spent on equipment. If the situation remains the same, the cost ratio gets worse with more growth.

We have to take the initiative to improve the situation and to connect the next billion users by changing the economics of the Internet so that it will work for everyone and not just for a few rich people. We have to reimagine the Internet for the Future. We are required to innovate and automate our processes and technologies.

How Can We Narrow Down The Digital Divide

Many people around the world have a lack of resources to afford internet access. Because of which they are not able to take the advantage of the technology as most of the devices and systems are reliant on internet connectivity. A new and latest 5G technology, built by the telecom, cloud, and IT industries jointly, can help to narrow down this digital divide.

By investing in the latest technologies like 5G and other wireless communications technology, governments and the private sector can come together to address the inequities in our communities and create meaningful, permanent change to guarantee all citizens have access to the technology they need for work and school.

This common cause, best seen in the possibility of modern 5G, lets us all embrace transformational technological change that will benefit all humanity in 2021. It is critical we seize this moment and rise to the occasion to deliver the full potential of 5G connectivity and the right to internet access to all.

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