How ISPs can reduce revenue leakages
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How ISPs can reduce Revenue Leakages?

Downward Revenue Leakage + Upward ROI = Business Growth

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are seeing a wave of unprecedented growth with technology convergence meeting increased customer demand. For service providers, protecting existing profits by eliminating revenue leaks is just as necessary as creating opportunities to generate new revenue streams. That’s why it’s important to talk about how to reduce Revenue Leakages.

Even when day-to-day operations appear to be running smoothly, there can be misalignments between systems, manual processes, or even fraudulent incidents that create revenue leakage.

Losing revenue at the top line is like running a business for free. Proper ISP Management Software with revenue assurance or leak assessment will help ISPs to recover revenue for services provided, minimize enterprise-level risks, avoid future leakage and optimize performance. In the telecom and ISP industry, 2.9% of revenue leak is due to improper ISP Software or non-revenue measures.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are facing the problem of revenue leakages due to improper control on bandwidth management, billing services, manual process, and others. These problems can be solved with the H8 ISP Software. H8 ISP Software is the all-in-featured solution that fulfills all the needs and requirements of the ISPs.

How ISPs Can Reduce Revenue Leakages With H8 ISP Software?

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Proper Bandwidth Management

H8 Bandwidth Management Solution helps to overcome internet congestion and allows you to distribute and allocate respective bandwidth to internet users. Along with reducing revenue leakages, it will also help in optimizing and monetizing the existing bandwidth and generating new revenue streams.

Being an ISP, you know how important it is to bifurcate the main traffic and peer traffic. With the proper Bandwidth Management Strategy, you can customize your broadband plans as per the demand of the customers and market scenario. You can easily configure and bifurcate/shape your main traffic and peer traffic with a few simple steps in the H8 Solution.


‘Automation is the key to maximize growth and revenue.’

Automation of the process of billing, inquiry, customer complaints, and other operations results in reduced revenue leakage, increased business visibility, and time-saving. It even helps you to cater to the demands of the changing market and remain ahead of the competition.

Prompt Support

To stop your revenue leakage, you need the proper and instant support from your software provider. You need the professional team to support you whenever you require it. At Height8, we have a professional technical team dedicated to providing assistance whenever required. We work as an extended team for our clients and ensure that your ISP business is up and running smoothly at all times.

H8 ISP Solution comes with full professional support to stop your revenue leakage. We can bet on our support as we provide the best support in the industry.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the proper bandwidth management, automation, and prompt support, you must also focus on reports & insights for tracking your business growth and boosting revenue.

H8 ISP Solution is an all-in-featured solution that will help you to reduce your revenue leakages and grow your business.

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