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Cloud-Native Service Provisioning- No need to choose between scale, speed, and cost!!

In this ever-changing world, a product that is always on the wishlist of Service Providers is agile, scalable, and configurable. Which product has the higher chance to win the market? Of course, quicker, easier and flexible one.

Cloud-Native Service Provisioning (CNSP) is a term of interest among telcos that aims to build future-ready networks. Cloud services are on the enormous growth in the telecom service industry because of their agility, flexibility, and configurability. The scale, speed, and cost of cloud services are just what services providers are looking for.

Before we go in-depth into the advantages of CNSP, let’s discuss the current service provisioning practices.

Let’s explore!

Traditional vs Cloud-Native Service Provisioning

In traditional service provisioning, tons of different applications are running such as Billing, Payment, Inventory, CRM, Mediation, Dunning, Network monitoring, and so on…

All these applications result in huge investments i.e huge amount of hardware (CAPEX) since day one because the smooth running of these applications requires at least dual-setup mode. This traditional service provisioning forces telcos to make huge investments in hardware and software at the very beginning of their own business.

With the advancement of Cloud-native software, the CAPEX expenses of service providers are reduced to a great extent. Cloud software allows Telcos to pay-as-you-grow. There is no need to buy hardware supporting 10M+ users on day one. You can expand or shrink the hardware according to your suitability.

Automation and instant working software is the need of every service provider. Just as the SIM card starts working as soon as you buy it and insert it into the phone or as soon as you purchase the subscription of Netflix, you can start streaming the movie on your device within seconds. To make it work, Telcos need to perform a set of defined tasks across their B/OSS suite of products – like Subscriber creation, Plan purchase, Subscription activation, Service association, Service delivery, Notification management, etc. – within the scale of a millisecond.

In short, to serve such a performance-centric market, telcos need an agile, robust, secure, and scalable service provisioning system. To satisfy this need of telcos, Cloud software is a mandate, because we can perform operations rapidly, capable of auto-scaling, and ultra-reliable.

Advantages of Cloud Services

Cloud service

H8 Cloud Service Provisioning

H8 cloud is a robust, scalable, super-fast, and cost-savvy platform that is a one-stop solution for all service-providers and future-networks. With H8 cloud solutions go live with the minimum required configuration and low CAPEX & OPEX investment.

H8 cloud solutions help you increase your delivery time i.e faster time to market, improves customer experience, reduces churn rate with scalability, increased speed, and lower cost. We provide the best-in-class ISP Management Software on our premium cloud servers. With no hassle, you can enable your operations with us and your services will be live within no time.

Height8 is one of the pioneers to enable telecom-based cloud services for ISPs and Operators across the globe. We provide solutions for a range of IP Based Services. Our core expertise is to provide a highly scalable, robust & cost-effective solution.

Reach out to us and get a future-proof Cloud provisioning solution deployed in your network.

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