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Cloud Solutions – Tool for Telecommunication Growth

Are you looking for a solution that improves business productivity and with bear minimum investment? Do you want to know how embracing the cloud infrastructure can rejuvenate your business? Thinking about how cloud-enable modules can create a sustainable competitive advantage for ISPs?

Are these questions wandering in your mind?

If yes, then you are on the right platform, read along, and find answers to all your questions..!

Let’s proceed!

Cloud has the power to fundamentally shift competitive landscapes by providing a new platform for creating and delivering business value. Companies are now showing more interest in cloud services to meet the growing demand from business operations. The cloud telecom market is one of the many service industries witnessing significant growth. H8 is one of the pioneers in India for enabling telecom base cloud services for ISPs and CSPs.

Cloud – An Enabler for ISPs & CSP Transformation:

Cloud solutions

Business Scalability:

Business scalability is one of the hallmarks and primary drivers of cloud’s exploding popularity with the business. Cloud solutions allow your business to easily scale up or scale down your IT requirements as and when required. Cloud enables businesses to grow efficiently and expand the range of business options.

ISPs & CSPs exercise control over access networks and data centers and can adjust responsiveness to customer needs—an important edge over other types of cloud providers.

H8 Cloud Solutions for ISPs will allow you to increase your existing resources to accommodate increased business needs or changes. That means you can support your business growth without expensive changes to your existing IT systems. Along with this, ISPs can reap the benefits of rapid provisioning of resources, which further facilitates business growth and profit.

Market Adaptability:

In today’s current market situations, customers’ needs are changing rapidly. In order for catering to the needs of this rapidly changing market, ISPs want to bring agility in business operations. Fortunately, the inception of the cloud has paved the way for ISPs to improve their agility to complement the market demands.

By enabling businesses to rapidly adjust processes, products and services to meet the changing trends of the market, cloud, in turn, facilitates rapid innovation and helps speed time to market. Cloud services are the key to Market Adaptability.

Cost Flexibility:

According to recent studies, the absence of IT-related expenses such as software licenses, servers, backup systems, cooling systems and network equipment helps ISPs to reduce their cost. Cloud allows businesses to use the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ cost structure.

Telcos that also become cloud service providers can commercialize cloud as a user – realizing cost flexibility for the company and as providers – offering cost flexibility to the customers. As a cloud service provider, ISPs can generate new revenue streams by offering cost flexibility based on their own cloud.

cloud computing

All-In-One Solution:

The easiest way to set up communication solutions for streamlined companies is Cloud telecom services. These services enable organizations to deploy a broad spectrum of solutions, including internet, IP Phones, Leaselines, IPTV, email, instant messaging (IM) and audio, video conferencing, mobility, and social networking, and much more.
The content network is a complex web of multiplying media content and a high demand for quality video content. With online users proliferating rapidly and increasing digitization, cloud telecommunication solutions easily enable you to provide a suite of solutions to your end client.

Masked Complexity:

Cloud offers the advantage of masking complexity. Cloud helps ISPs to hide some of the complexity of their operations from the end-users. Masked complexity can help to attract a range of customers.

For example, with H8’s E-CAF, customers can fill the forms easily. They can fill in all the details online with just a few clicks. But the complexity that arises while creating the form kept hidden from the customers.

Ecosystem connectivity:

Increasingly, companies rely on a collaborative ecosystem to promote innovations. Cloud-based platforms connect with groups of people who can collaborate and share resources, information and processes.

For example, many cloud service providers provide various third-party integrations. Height8 also provides third-party integrations like payment gateways, payment wallets, OTT & VAS services, etc. Ecosystem connectivity unlocks new revenue streams for the ISPs & CSPs.

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If you are an ISP or CSP and looking to make the best of the industry’s changing trend, then H8 cloud will help you to achieve your goal. A highly scalable and agile H8 cloud solution opens new avenues for your business success.

Contact us today to know more about H8 cloud solutions and benefits.

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