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What is Network Orchestration and its Benefits to Service Provider?

Orchestration is one of the most used term in the technical description of new technology and the concept of managing modern networks. Network Orchestration is related to the automation and virtualization of the network function and services. With the help of network orchestration service providers can deliver secure and quick services to their customers and can make their business model more agile and efficient.

The main idea behind Network Service Orchestration is to separate the network services from the network components, however, automatically configuring the network as per the service specifications provided.

Why Network Orchestration

Telecommunication is an ever-changing industry. Networks are evolving and becoming dynamic entities. Because of this, an integrated Orchestrator is essential for service providers to achieve cost efficiencies, automate network functions, and deliver seamless customer services and experiences.

In order to add automation and intelligence to the Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), an orchestrator is a must to obtain features like analytics, automated workflows, scaling, and zero-touch provisioning. To deliver premium Quality of Service (QoS) to the end-users and increase their satisfaction, Network Orchestration is a must nowadays.

Network Orchestration is the best alternative for service providers to reduce the time taken to design and deploy new services and it makes real-time service provisioning possible.

Benefits of Network Service Orchestration

Benefits of network orchestration

1. Quick Deployment

One of the most important advantages of network service orchestration is the speed of ordering and deployment. As soon as the customer specifies the requirements, the service starts off. In most cases, there isn’t any need to set it up manually by service representatives. It increases the probability of the customers ordering new services when they know they can get them quickly and hassle-free.

2. Flexibility & Integration

Change and upgrading service configurations dynamically are essential for customers with growing needs. One of the main points of setting up NSO is its flexibility and replacing it as needed quickly and easily. With service orchestration, customers will experience hardly any delay in making changes. They’ll get the services tailored to their needs when they need them.

3. Premium User Experience

With the help of network orchestration service providers can deliver secure and quick services to their customers. One can customize the services to tailored to the needs of their customers. One can better compete on price without compromising customer satisfaction with orchestrated services. All these factors ultimately improve the end-user experience.

Apart from the above, the other benefits of a network service orchestration business model are operational improvements, accelerated time to market for innovations and services, and enhanced network management through automation.

Why Height8?

Height8’s Solution and Network Orchestration services provide the perfect blend of customized solutions to mitigate the business challenges faced by operators. We possess the capability to design a pre-integrated production-ready network with your infrastructure and recommend best-suited orchestration, service assurance, and automation solutions depending on the service provider’s in-house capability.

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