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Self-Service Is Revamped And Here To Stay

To enhance the customer experience after the Covid-19 pandemic, self-service technology became invaluable to manage the skyrocketing number of customer support. 56% of the telcos agreed that enhancing the customer experience is a priority for 2022. During the pandemic crises, self-service technology is rapidly adopted, which is now here to stay.

Self-service technology is now becoming an integral part of all businesses. But a seamless and convenient self-service experience depends on more than just implementing an automated tool or two in your tech stack. Businesses should make their self-service channels easy and mobile-friendly that will reduce the load on contact centres to solve problems.

According to the Gartner study, customers would manage 85% of the relationship with the brand without even interacting with a human. During the pandemic as the technology catches up and the circumstances force changes in the business, the improvements in the customer experiences are increasingly becoming the norm and are here to stay.

Brands are focusing more on customer experience now. Customers are willing to pay more if it guarantees them a better experience. If they are not happy with what they are getting, they will shift to elsewhere. Having an effective self-service channel allows customers to find the answers themselves which means that there is no need to hire more support staff at additional cost.

Self-service enables 24/7 access of all the accounts details and services for a fast, seamless and omnichannel experience. It makes sense to deliver the online support via native mobile apps whenever possible as telecom services are mostly consumed via phones. You can provide another access-point for customers to resolve issues, pay their bills, make upgrades and more.
When the customer needs further help, chatbots and digital assistants can provide instant responses to customer queries.

You can empower your customers to find answers by themselves by providing self-service options, and the choice of how to connect with your business in a way that suits them. This will even reduce the business expenses without compromising on the quality of service delivered.

Benefits Of Self-Service in Telecom

Benefits Of Self-Service

Omnichannel Experience

Self-service provides an omnichannel experience to the customers. Omnichannel experience increases customer satisfaction. Omnichannel experience means providing customers what they are looking for. H8 Solution can help manage self-service efficiently across any touchpoint.

Lower Support Cost

The agents at the contact centres don’t have to be overworked as self- service promotes customers to find answers themselves.

When you have an effective self-service solution means that there is no need to hire extra contact center employees. This will ultimately reduce your investment in new personnel and lead to lower support costs.

Improved Resolutions

Customers might not even call a contact center to solve queries if you provide them with well-prepared self-service guides, regardless in the form of articles or FAQs, etc. This will boost resolution rates.

For customers like these, there is an improved resolution rate when a self-service platform comes into the picture.

Why To Choose H8 Solution?

H8 Solution is combined with Real-Time Self Service (RTSS) to ensure that customers have accurate and up-to-date information. RTSS is important to keep customers fully in control of their spending and service usage.

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