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Innovations in OSS/BSS: Key to Rapid Telco Transformation

The pandemic situation of 2020 has shown us the need for digital transformation. It has shown us that telco’s digital transformation is necessary to serve a market that is full of uncertainty. They have to accelerate their digital journeys to create new revenue opportunities and business models instead of just proactively fulfilling customer needs.

Telcos have to adopt new foundations to automate their business structure, integrate existing systems, and provide an approach to the OSS/BSS.

Service providers embarked on a digital journey to bring in agility, enhance customer experience, bring seamless customer engagement with OSS, BSS and other digital ecosystems for innovation, collaboration and new revenue streams.

But, the question is where to start? What are the OSS/BSS innovations? What are the guiding principles for OSS/BSS?

Let’s proceed!

Where to start?

OSS/BSS innovation and automation is vital for creating telcos that are ready to adapt, pivot and grow now and in the near future. It helps telcos that continuously want to adopt new technologies and business models, this is the starting point for rapid telcos digital transformation.

Digital transformation with OSS/BSS Innovation

OSS/BSS innovations can drive telcos towards digital transformation. It enables businesses to provide seamless end-to-end experiences to their customers.

Below are some capabilities that telcos need to deploy to enable rapid digital transformation:


Order Management & Service Provisioning

Automate by provisioning workflows to deliver faster services to your customers. Receive and execute the orders, and measure the KPIs to improve the overall performance.

Omni-channel Experience

Nowadays, customers demand an omnichannel experience that works from sales to after-sales service. Therefore, it is more crucial for service providers to identify the areas which are ripe for a transition towards digital channels, such as self-service portals and apps, and design these channels with the primary goal of delighting their customers’ experience.

Investing in omnichannel can help service providers to reduce costs and bolster revenues.

User-friendly Product Catalogue

It is the must-have capability when you are processing towards digital transformation. Adapt rapidly to changing demand and offer new bundles to meet changing customer needs. Create, modify and launch new products from a single platform and at the click of a button.


Undoubtedly, one of the largest opportunities in digital transformation is the monetization of cloud-based services. To take full advantage of this, service providers must have cloud-native OSS/BSS platforms that will allow them to quickly transform their business models, increase innovations, and reduce costs.

You can take advantage of the power of the cloud for your own business through Height8 technologies.

OTT Services

Many of the service providers are moving towards offering their own OTT services or providing infrastructure to integrate with other OTT partners. OTT services are trending and one of the most important services for service providers for digital transformation.

OTT services have changed the game of the telecom industry. It has opened up new revenue streams for the service providers. OTT services are the backbone of service providers to ride the digital wave.

Best of Breed Technologies

Telecom industry and technology both are uncertain. The only thing which is certain in both the telecom industry and technology is change. So, it is important to adopt agile and rapid development methods to launch new systems quickly. Using newer automation technologies and cloud architecture, service providers can quickly adopt new changes, and get apps and services to the market much faster.

Guiding Principles for OSS/BSS

  • Focus on omnichannel, self-service and personalization services for seamless customer experience
  • Introduce digital experience and provide further support for the launch of digital service bundles
  • Introduce new business models in the market
  • To embrace digitalization, Align organizational structure and its culture
  • Establish high-performing self-contained teams that take complete responsibility for specific domains
  • Explore new technologies that bring innovation and encourage agility
  • Focus on cybersecurity and digital identity for customers
  • Become a data-driven organization with real-time insights to make businesses highly responsive and adaptive
  • Open the art-of-innovation with OSS/BSS

Takeaway Thoughts

Improving customer service and efficiency is always going to be at the top of the list for businesses. By utilizing a comprehensive OSS/BSS solution, telcos can focus on gaining the insights and structure they need to rapidly transform their business and make smarter decisions into the future.

As telecom companies move towards a digital future, H8’s agile BSS/OSS with the right digital technologies will help you deliver a seamless experience to your customers. By creating a digitally enabled experience for customers, it provides the support needed to seamlessly guide them through their digital journey.

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