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Delivering A Digital Experience For The Customer Of The Future

We are living in a digital world where customer experience is as vital as the growth of the business. It becomes of utmost importance for the telcos to best utilize the emerging digital technologies to reimagine and revolutionize their B2B customer experience. Most of the companies have already adopted the digital journey even before the lockdown, transforming their strategies, tools, and offerings to meet shifting business needs and customer expectations. Some business things stop in time, but digital went into hyper-speed when the lockdown began.

A McKinsey & Company survey found that organizations’ digital journeys leaped ahead by four years and their digitally-enabled portfolios are now nearly a decade ahead of schedule. They had to accelerate with the world sheltering at home, an overwhelming amount of activity shifted online and a digital experience became the expectation for consumers. 

Almost all organizations are putting customers at the centre of business. With Height8, you can offer the best digital experience to your customers.

Digital Transformation delivers a responsive, agile approach that meets the expectations of today’s consumer base, from Gen Z to the Baby Boomers.

 A digital approach allows and supports:

  • Social listening (to identify both potential prospects and market trends)  
  • On-time engagement (customer care) on multiple platforms
  • Omni-channel service, bringing phone, email chat, and messaging app chatbots together for seamless CX
  • Conversational, personalized experiences that utilize AI and Big Data to customize interactions and offerings

The reality of today’s world is that the customer experience has gone digital. With the right tactic of execution, the digital experience can provide a smart, empathetic experience to your organization across the globe to build long-lasting relationships with the customers. 

Have you found it challenging to connect with your customers digitally? Here are four ways to step towards success and connect with your customers digitally.

Your Customers Are Always On – So Be Your Business

In the digital world, your customers are always on, so it becomes important for you that you are prepared to deliver always-on engagement, showing up with the right information to address needs when and where the customer is.

The good news is that being digital provides you the technology to have a centralized knowledge platform so that information can be quickly accessed.

Customer Service 

Your digital assets need to be flexible enough as well as deployable across all the platforms in real-time i.e. pre and post-sale consumer outreach happens in an omnichannel reality. To deliver a seamless CX it is of utmost importance to keep the consumer information both accessible and secure while building a relationship founded on trust.

Increase CLV

Providing customers with high-quality digital experiences guides them to share positive feedback via the same channels – leading to high value “word of mouth” referrals that increase customer lifetime value (CLV) and drive company growth and revenue.

Flexible Digital Experience

Building a flexible digital experience involves automation via robust and secure API at all the levels of the company to support a customer-centric approach and improve the digital experience.

More and more automation is necessary for telcos – from lead engagement and sales to billing and service management – via self-service apps, digital assistants, and “quasi-AI” systems. This digital engagement produces more and more data points, which can then be analyzed to gain new customer insights and feedback into process improvements.

The right analytics strategy is therefore needed to ensure that telcos can collect, structure, and use data in a meaningful way, taking action when necessary and engaging proactively with customers. Using machine learning, telcos can understand what “the norm” is for each customer or segment – their spend, usage, engagement, and identify any deviations from this behavioural baseline. The addition of AI can then anticipate customer problems and identify when certain “emotional tipping points” have been reached in their lifecycle.

Customer experience is just as important an investment for telcos as their services and infrastructure. And with many betting on the enterprise market for their future 5G revenue streams, it is high time that the B2B customer experience is given the attention and investment it needs. 

Deliver best digital experience

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