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In Business operations, the rapid rise of new technology trends — cloud, social media, and mobility has added a new dimension. For running a competitive business, connectivity is the most critical factor. For this, operators must have perfect Broadband and Wi-Fi management solutions.


Maintaining a stable, efficient, and economical voice and data network is critical to the success of any broadband business. Through the industry’s most powerful integrated platform, Height8 Technologies provides a complete solution that delivers the best Broadband connectivity management service to you and your subscribers.

Height8 has the tools for complete network management and top-notch monitoring, provisioning, and managed support for your entire broadband subscriber base.

Broadband Management Solutions
Broadband Management Solutions


BBX enables providers to efficiently manage and expand data services to residential and business subscribers through a single integrated OSS platform. Height8 proactively monitors, manages, and troubleshoots the issues at all levels from a single platform.

Height8 Broadband Connectivity Management brings to you a robust and stable solution to manage your broadband subscriber. With our solution, you can seamlessly manage your B2C and B2B clients. With features that help to reduce and manage your daily work with stability, allows you to grow your customer base as well as manage them seamlessly.


As connectivity grows exponentially, wifi will only continue to become more prominent. Wifi management is a service providing mobile subscribers a better user experience including easy access to the Wifi network with a better quality of service along with enabling the service provider to scale and manage a network of Wi-Fi access points with no specific limit.

The up-gradation to Height8 Wifi Management Solution will enable scalability, easier network management, carrier-grade security, wide area mobility, improved quality of experience, and much more.

Height8 provides the best Wifi Solutions to help you set up various types of Wifi Zones at airports, hotels, cafes, universities, enterprises, and many more places with attractive captive portals.

Wifi Management Solutions
Wifi Management Solutions


It all started with the “Connected City” to make any city a Smart City! When it comes to smart connectivity, it’s extremely important to have a workflow that the service providers can support based on the execution of the work. If a smart city doesn’t have core OSS and BSS implemented, customers won’t be satisfied with the service.

Smart City Wifi
Smart City Wifi

Height8’s contribution to enabling a Smart City is in intelligent Wifi System, IP Based Solution, Mobile App & Device Authentications. Having completed many smart cities projects successfully and having a couple more on-going, our core experience will help in avoiding the pain areas prior to their occurrence along with the speedy rollout of the implementation.


Height8 Cloud Wi-Fi has been receiving exceptionally great response since its launch. With implementations on the go, enabling Wi-Fi has never been easy.

WISPs, ISPs, CSPs, and even SMEs have enabled H8 Cloud Wifi for varied implementations like Universities, Airports, Hotels, Cafe/Restaurants, Exhibitions, Residential/Commercial Buildings, and Public Places.

Cloud Wifi Management
Cloud Wifi


With an increase in demand for the best quality services at a low cost, it has become necessary for evaluating new revenue streams in this competitive sector.

Leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure by rolling out additional services through the Broadband & Wifi monetization framework and hence generate new revenue opportunities is the way to go!

Height8 has introduced its new solution ‘Campaign Management’ for monetizing your Broadband & WiFi by capitalizing on your existing infrastructure.

With the ease of implementation from varied authentication methods integrated with different revenue generation techniques, monetization of Broadband & WiFi has never been so easy.


1. Highly Secure:

In this competitive world, the factor which is becoming the necessity for each business is security. Height8 understands this necessity and provides the best solution for the same.

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a protocol of the AAA server that protects the network against unauthorized access. Height8’s server with support of RADIUS, DIAMETER, and TACACS+ protocols in a single stack, provides high security.

2. Ease of Business:

The first and the most noticeable benefit of managed Broadband and Wifi solutions is the hassle-free access to the connectivity. The entire ecosystem is managed by the technology partner, who takes care of all the Broadband and Wifi requirements of the company — from analyzing enterprise requirements, designing and installing a customized system to day-to-day management and operations of the system.

3. Enhanced User Experience:

When the entire ecosystem is managed by the technology partner, it provides completely smooth and seamless connectivity for all users. When the process is smooth and hassle-free, it enhances the user experience.

Built on 35+ years of Broadband & WiFi Management Solutions, Height8’s software-based platform delivers industry-leading performance, reliability, and flexibility.

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